February 4, 2009


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We just want to take the opportunity to draw your attention to the official roll-out of a new blog with content of potential interest to World Climate Report readers:

New Free-Market Energy Blog Launched, Hits Exceed 14,000 In First Month

MasterResource.org spurs “real, fact-driven debate” on costs and unintended consequences of government-driven energy vision

Washington – As a new Congress and administration look to confront our nation’s serious and dynamic energy challenges with static tools and stale philosophies of a bygone era, a group of leading scholars has teamed together to launch MasterResource.org, an energy-focused blog designed to encourage a real discussion of the consequences and externalities of empowering government as chief engineer and executor of our energy future.

“Not since the 1970s have the legislative and executive branches of government been as ready, willing or able to fundamentally reshape the way everyday Americans access and acquire their energy as today,” said Robert L. Bradley Jr., the author of Oil, Gas, and Government: The U.S. Experience, the definitive history of energy regulation in the United States. “Before these changes are instituted, and Americans are asked to underwrite them, the absolute least we should expect in return is a real, fact-driven debate – one that’s willing to weigh costs with benefits, and prepared to take on the sacred cows and golden geese that have paralyzed serious discussions on energy and environmental policy for decades. MasterResource.org is a small contribution to that effort – but ultimately, we hope, a meaningful one.”

Along with Bradley, the blog features the postings of Indur Goklany, author and sustainable-development expert; Kenneth Green, resident energy and environment scholar at the American Enterprise Institute; Michael Lynch, the MIT-educated president of the energy consulting firm Strategic Energy and Economic Research, Inc.; Paul C. “Chip” Knappenberger, a climate-science specialist with New Hope Environmental Services; Marlo Lewis, senior fellow in energy and climate policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute; and Jerry Taylor, the Cato Institute’s lead expert on issues related to energy policy and environmental regulation.

“The time for horse-trading and parlor-game speculation is over,” added Bradley, whose two most recent books (Capitalism at Work: Business, Government, and Energy and Energy: The Master Resource) take on a number of energy-related myths and misconceptions considered in greater detail on the blog. “President Obama has laid out his vision for how he’d like to see governments interact with energy markets in the future and, without due deliberation, both parties in Congress appear ready to deliver it to him. This blog serves as a forum for reasoned debate of various approaches based on facts, analysis, and the clear and important lessons imparted to us from history in order to avoid repeating past mistakes, and move the nation’s energy future forward, not backward.”

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