September 23, 2004

Climate Model In—Climate Model Out

Filed under: Climate History

Increased rainfall? Lower temperatures? So suggests a regional climate model. Yet, the regional climate model projecting a “warming hole” in the U.S. Midwest for the coming century suffers from the same difficulties all climate models do—the inability to accurately capture reality. So despite the fact that the net effects of the projected climate change would be overwhelmingly beneficial for the regions agriculture, it looks like this is just another in a long string of modeling studies that are more useful as an academic exercise than as a reliable indicator of our climatic future.

September 22, 2004

Science Fiction Lobbyist

Filed under: Climate Politics

National Geographic joins the climate change fray with an issue dedicated to misinformation on global warming, past, present and future.

This isn’t your father’s National Geographic anymore. Once a coffee-table staple with gorgeous photos of people, places, and things, it now more resembles the host of other Washington-slick lobbying mags, pushing today’s popular issues.

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